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Monday, July 12, 2010

A tough one for Chavez to swallow...

Hugocito cannot like this one from fellow-Albista Correa

From Stratfor (Intelligence Guidance: Week of July 11, 2010): "July 13: Naval forces from Ecuador, the United States, Colombia, Mexico and Chile will participate in the Unitas naval maneuvers in Peru." Unitas indeed!

Now: How about a military cooperation program between Ecuador and the US, perhaps along the line of the Brazil-US one?

As Fidel once said (speaking for some strange reason of dissidents' leaving "his" island): "The rats are abandoning the sinking ship."

The real point is: People will take Chavez money and sometimes even applaud his rhetoric, but on serious things, like regional military cooperation or relations with the US, the region's progressives (from Evo and Correa to Lugo and Lula) look noticeably tepid towards the big red friend.

[By the way: sorry for the break. The blog is on again...]